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Recently, they found out that you can have perfectly normal testosterone levels in your blood test, and still have low T syndrome.

The difference between free testosterone, and testosterone that is “bound up” in sex hormone globulin, isn’t what they use to believe. 

Now they have found out that there are many ways you can have high testosterone in the tests, and yet perform poorly, and feel like a low T man.
You can have low T syndrome whatever your testosterone level is.

That’s because there are other hormones that can eliminate the effects of testosterone.

For example, estradiol, the most potent form of estrogen, is present very often in high levels for men who are suffering from low T syndrome. Estradiol hides out especially in fat cells. It causes ongoing “low T” problems, even if it isn’t picked up on a blood test.

These men often have high testosterone but the estradiol neutralizes the T.

These men may have man boobs, low drive, poor “rockiness” with their partner, and flab around the middle.

Even high blood pressure and diabetes symptoms are often tied into low T syndrome. The best source of testosterone-fixing that I have found for doubling or tripling your testosterone, is from this guy.